The simple melodic, acoustic guitar blends wonderfully with catchy lyrics to create a totally unaffectionate, bitter heartbreak track. Ehrman’s divine baritone guitar creates a lovely Country sound, which also makes full use of Erik Pearson’s more traditionalist Country vocals.”

3 Songs & Out

With a voice that reminds me not only of R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe but also Daniel Johnston his vocals have a reedy timbre that speak of vulnerability and this song, which is set to become the soundtrack to a thousand tearful farewells, is the perfect vehicle for it.”

Pulse-Alternative Magazine

By letting these songs evolve in unexpected and delightful ways, the songs have a great sense of soul to them, a sense that helps guide them through in truly remarkable fashion.”

...Indeed there is unmistakable and welcome scent of Mr Fahey across both tracks...I look forward to hearing more from them, two tracks is too brief and tantalizing!”

The "Music Always Gives Me A Lift" Blog

...hallmark on both tracks though, are the layers of beautifully delicate and melodic acoustic guitar lines, Weaving a compelling sonic tapestry that ebbs and flows with such engaging mastery that you'll have these two songs on continuous repeat.”

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